I know the feeling of being great.

I feel good in my body.

I can listen to others.

You can rely on me 100%.

I always define my position clearly.

My self-esteem is 100%

I represent my point of view.

If nobody has time for me, I am very sad.

I hang out a lot on social media.

I will not be taken advantage of.

I love Sundays and holidays.

I can learn.

I remain calm in stressful situations.

I know what it feels like to be free.

I can relax well.

I often play with others.

Other people appreciate me.

My self-confidence is high.

I have people close to me who say: “I am proud of you”.

I enjoy my life.

My self-esteem is high.

I am emotionally satisfied, even when I am alone.

I have the inner image of being held.

I am seen.

I feel seen.

I have a best friend whom I trust.

I can concentrate on my immediate issues.

I fight for my beliefs.

I have friends with whom I can spend my free time, and we have fun together.

I have many ideas.

I like to improvise.

I am a curious person through and through.

To be a researcher would be an absolute dream.

I often do things with others just to not be alone.

Autonomy is important to me.

People look up to me.

I will not be taken for a fool.

I have my own firm convictions.

I am responsible.

I am committed to a good cause.

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