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Reframing Your Childhood

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Reframing Your Adolescence

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The NIKU Method

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✅ You learn:
Confident approach to dealing with psychological needs
Self-control over psychological development
More independence and reflection on your own life
Self-confidence in decision making

✅ What do you do to achieve this?
You reflect on your past psychological development using the examples and looking at your psychological needs from your past
You reflect on the influence of the unmet needs on your present
You identify the needs that want to be satisfied

✅ What does the book offer you?
The scientific basis of NIKU – presented in an understandable way
Explanation of the importance of 64 basic human needs
How NIKU understands trauma and what is offered to stabilize and heal the wounds

✅ Turn within yourself:
“People do not have disorders,
People have needs
If needs are met,
then no disorders need to develop”
Margit M. Schreier

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