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The NIKU Method

$ 20.90

Reframing Your Childhood

$ 31.40
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Reframing Your Adolescence

$ 31.40

✅ You grow:
With NIKU you have the inner image within you to be strong
Your inner conversations will inspire you
More sense of responsibility
You get more recognition
And know deeply the feeling of security.

✅ What do you do for it?
You decide if you want to strengthen your mental health.
You choose a topic (10-15).
You prepare a scenario for yourself – examples are available.
In the morning and in the evening you bring your thoughts and emotions into harmony with your inner experiences – follow the instructions in the book.
Experiences become memories – you nurture the memories and take pleasure in them. They do you good.
What does the book offer you?
Proven concept that is subject to permanent improvement.
Use of the proven techniques from behavioral research.
Practical application of learning theory approaches.
Application of the proven neuroscientific findings.
Structure on more than 300 pages.
Independent construction of the healthy mental structures.


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