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Elon Musk And The Future Is Yours – Or Maybe Not?

Elon Musk and other scientists: For about the past twenty years, neuroscientists and innovators have been working on a revolutionary technology, the brain implant system. It makes it possible to establish a wireless connection between the human mind and a computer. Several companies have already made a run at figuring out how to put computer chips in everyone’s brains. There is a huge potential which is moving forward in large leaps.

Enjoying Something Like This Should Not Be Reserved For The Rich

Elon Musk is THE innovator par excellence, who is making mass products. Why shouldn’t I participate in this? Or even, why shouldn’t the future belong to me? Others would say doom and gloom.

Allow us to draw your attention for a second. Because it’s not all that simple.

“Think and Grow Rich” – this motto was published by Napoleon Hill about 200 years ago (original: “Think and Grow Rich” (1937)). Making the knowledge available to all people, on how most productive people have become rich, was close to his heart. Today, Elon Musk is one of them. However, the products that Elon Musk will offer in the near future are for us difficult to imagine in terms of their impact on society and nature.

For example, Napoleon Hill interviewed Henry Ford. His users, the drivers, only needed a driver’s license to drive his cars. However, most people cannot participate in some of the projects Elon Musk is planning and realizing. But more on that later.

Google, Facebook And Co.

Whether Google, Facebook and all of the other corporations are a blessing or a curse is tedious to decide. It is a fact, however, that they exist. It is also a fact that neither governments nor legislation were prepared for their global influence and to this day they have to fight to limit their influence in order to protect themselves and their citizens in the virtual world. For most people the many advantages such as education, information exchange or communication seem to outweigh the disadvantages.

What hurts us, the Woodstock generation, the most, is the lack of freedom we are set back into. We fought so hard for freedom, not one of us paid for it with health, hard work or even death. And now we have no choice but to accept the influence of Google’s Internet search engine on our search behavior. This really hurts. Anyone who writes blogs or follows SEO knows what I’m talking about. Some may wonder why posts always look similar – we owe that to Google’s algorithm.

Elon Musk Changes The Rules Of The Game For The Future

Most people, and when I say that I mean more than 99.999% of all people, experience their future as a phenomenon that you can hardly influence. In part it is true that you don’t know when fate will strike, either individually or collectively. Additionally, some people are not sufficiently prepared for turbulences in life.

The majority of people, also including academics, enjoy the benefits of Google & Co. Nevertheless, the moment in which we live captivates everyone to the utmost, so that one can hardly think outside the box. In recent times, this has moved even further away and is now much further away than it has ever been before. Innovations that dominate the world amaze us. Sometimes they demand a lot from us. You have to dig deeper to anticipate what may be awaiting us. An innovation that will surprise us in the foreseeable future is already approaching. Some things are beyond our imagination, so that we neither perceive them nor take them seriously.

Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

When you enter a new terrain, you walk on a rather shaky ground. There is no one who can tell you what is right. Most of us, especially women, blame themselves when they fail. But very often this happens because we don’t know how to do something. Most of the time, you don’t know what you don’t know because you believe you know…. Coaches and therapists are expensive and the billions of money spent on personnel development train for the development and turnover of companies.

Every single person is responsible for himself, therefore also for his successes. Nobody can decide for you how to generate these successes.

Professional degrees, coaching, in-company trainings, or hours of psychotherapy – all of these are currently used supports which are not directed at the future. I guess you can Google the rest, but … there are more than 1,000,000,000,000 URL pages. Each of them has several pages reaching from one to 100 pages. This is only a depiction of the question, what me and you, what we do not know.

The Unknown “Future”

When we talk about the future, it’s mostly about climate change or forecasting. Political science, economics or sociology are asked to do research to derive future trends. What consequences emerge from that?

The well-known American educator Marion Brady says: “How do we educate young people for a future they cannot imagine? Not the way we teach them now.” But no one takes that question seriously. As a result, we are simply not meeting the needs of a problem which we will face. The future has many faces. Neither Woodstock nor the following generations have learned to steer their own future skillfully. Science reports their findings. However, they are not processed in a way that one could use them for oneself. How these findings can be processed is shown in different chapter.

Elon Musk – A Personality, A Guide To The Future?

We are lucky to be able to look up to a person like Elon Musk. Elon Musk is not only a manager and entrepreneur, but he also is a personality with principles and a certain charisma. He is a human being in his job. His ventures mostly serve good purposes.

Just 10-15 years ago, all achievers wanted to become like Steve Jobs had been. He was a visionary par excellence in his day. To this day, we are fascinated by the ingenious products from Apple, which made many people want to buy them. The love for design, the product as an extended arm of the human being, the unique brand he presented – these were the ideas of a visionary. It was only many years later that his personal weaknesses became known. But the world loved him, and it was easy to forgive him or disregard it. Elon Musk is different. He launches product lines that not only serve people but change them. And he’s doing it in a way that is still unimaginable to us ordinary people. This applies not only to technologies of the future from the field of production processes, but also to those that will change the perception and consciousness of the individual human being.

The Brain – The Object Of Desire Not Only For Elon Musk

Brain research has its origins in the laboratories of medicine. Where else would you find the brain outside the human body? If we look at the work of Professor Hans J. Markowitsch, Prof. António R. Damásio and various other researchers, we learn a lot about the discoveries made in the science of neurology. Most of it is clinical research. This is due to the fact that innovators and entrepreneurs are very rarely allowed to conduct research experiments on brains. If this is the case, they are always subject to burdensome approval procedures.

Elon Musk took the chance and founded the company Neuralink a few years ago. He too claims that he wants to cure diseases. “We’re now building devices that help people with paralysis,” adding, “and inventing new technologies that expand our capabilities, our community and our world.” On Neuralink’s website you will find the vision: “We anticipate that as we continue to scale our devices and communicate with more and more areas of the brain, we will discover new, non-medical applications for our BMIs. Neuralink’s long-term vision is to create BCIs that are sufficiently safe and powerful so that the general population will want them.”

The General Population

iPhone or smartphone for everyone – the innovators have almost succeeded. But what will it be like having a chip in the head? The advantages are obvious: Compatibility with Google, expansion of knowledge directly from the interfaces or taking control of the computer through the power of thoughts.

Do you think you would want it too? Who will benefit from enjoying life with such a micro-chip or live a life in a fast lane? I would do it, although I am already 60 years old. I am not discouraged by any innovation. But what about the people around me? I dare to doubt it.

Why would anyone living in a small European suburb with little crime and above-average prosperity want to have a chip implanted in their head? Here, not even all people have an e-mail address. However, I don’t worry about my neighbors, most of them are well off and have only a few years left. Life is not prolonged by a chip. But what about the younger generation? Even if each one of them wanted to go along with it, will they be able to cope with it? After all, the brain must be able to process all chip-based information. To get closer to the issue, we need to expand a liitle.

Authorities Have The Knowledge – But They Keep It To Themselves

It is hard to become free inside when you are surrounded by authorities like professors, priests and doctors who are anything but free themselves. These people will never contribute to a free way of life, although they do a lot of good. And yet it should be plausible that encouragement to be free would change the goodness criteria of the users.

But since this will not happen – because the one who has power will never remove the ground from under its own feet – all the others will have to find the way to their own freedom by themselves. The key to power is called: knowledge, coupled with self-responsibility.

With Google we have the unique opportunity of participating in more knowledge and most of it can be accessed easily via Google. And yet, hardly anything is changing. I don’t believe, as Professor Roth puts it, that people don’t want to change. But I can imagine that such a small chip in the head could make a big difference.

One thing is certain, though the path to a free life may be difficult, whoever has ever smelled the air of freedom will never want to lose it again. Finding freedom is the best “pill” for overcoming fear. But why does nobody really care about freedom? The answer is: loss of power.

Regaining Freedom

Imagine most people were mentally powerful and aware of their potentials. In the first place, millions of coaches and therapists would be without employment. The loss of power, or regaining freedom, is likely to be an issue in other industries as well. It concerns all those industries that hire unskilled workers from home and abroad. For these millions of guest workers, smartphones may be helpful, but will a chip in their head be useful too?

What would it mean for these people to acquire more knowledge or to control processes by the power of mind? What would that change? Could millions of people regain their freedom and live freely?

SELF-TRAINING can be a preparation for such a future. This is divided in two steps:

By means of one’s own algorithm, potentials for the project are identified and released.

Awareness is created with SELF-TRAINING and the training is carried out using the training materials.

Thus, this will open up an enormous inner platform for people who have lived in dependence. If someone has lived in dependencies for a long time, be it on the part of the regime or an employment relationship, he does not have the basis to succeed.

With the help of the PERFECT LINE, it is possible to acquire a solid foundation, which proves to be a supporting pillar. SELF-TRAINING helps to practice new habits and to prepare for life in the fast lane.

Seen in this way, it seems reasonable to assume that the tiny chip could have an impact far beyond what is not or hardly conceivable today.

Gain Control In Life, Change, Be Free And Happy

Just a few steps have to be performed in order to gain freedom. Crucial questions and answers will help out draining the swamp of bondage and passivity. Perhaps the community will attain a significance. In a well-functioning community, we can all get a stable ground on which we can step safely, reach our own freedom, and trigger innovations which will ensure the future of all of us.

A community is connected by an invisible net of rules, mutual attention, sincerity and love. However, people are only willing to do this if they have a basic degree of freedom in them. How many people have a structure of freedom allowing them to shape the totality of their elements and relationships? A person can only be free once the needs have been satisfied. Then, one can breathe a sigh of relief and perceive the face of creative power. This goes hand in hand with feeling fear, understanding it and still being able to stand up. This is the best protection against depression and other mental illnesses. Those who have satisfied their needs with NIKU and train the new reality with SELF-TRAINING can regain control over their own lives. However, do not forget: Control over life means to live focused and have fun in life.

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