The Guidelines

The XPOWERof10 and


XPOWERof10 involves more than success. Who are you and how do you live? – that’s all that matters. Becoming an adult is not easy, but this is the decisive factor in carrying out the project, so that it brings you joy and stability.

If you take full responsibility to always give your best in every sequence, then we are on our way to a (new) series of success.

Knowledge Advantage

With the XPOWERof10 SELF-TRAINING and the knowledge advantage it involves, you can largely achieve what is close to your heart and certainly more than you can imagine today. You are guided by three principles.
You need to know how.
You face your fears.
You face your inner truth.
(every defeat needs the perception of truth).

Your Plan / Venture

Your venture is defined by high goals, which demand the utmost from you, but which are feasible. If you understand the way to reach it (knowledge advantage) and really make a strong effort, you will achieve them.

Give the Best

Accomplishing an endeavor with perfection, winning a competition, or getting to the plateau of success numbers is hard enough, but there is more to it than that. Showing that you can stay there or be even more or better is the challenge. We don’t ask our users to be perfect all the time every day, but we do want them to do their best right from the start.

Love Yourself

A great deal is at stake with this program, it’s not a call to become a winning machine. It is the love for oneself that does not suffocate you, but unleashes the power to bring out the utmost in you.

It is a family, a community, or simply love that keeps you going. Love simply put means you can rely on “me” in good times and in bad times. These and other conditions are then given enough space to unfold what the human soul needs.

The Most Memorable Lessons

I firmly believe that the most memorable lessons in life are those when something bad happens to you or when you are faced with a challenge. But that’s not an omen, that’s how our brain works. It is guided by emotions, and not by what you actually want.

Talking About Feelings

Most of the time we are fickle, prone to error, and usually too unaware of our bodies. The tradition of this program helps to escape this and develops a willingness to talk about feelings.

If this is not the case, feelings accumulate and take up too much space in a fog-like manner, robbing consciousness.

You are who you are and in your greatness you should dwell, and grow without diminishing your power. When we talk about feelings, we focus on the harmony of body, mind and soul.

Your Trainer and Coach

The trainers and coaches of the Academy XPOWERof10 are personalities: emotionally rich and clear in their actions and thinking.

You need a trainer and coach (m/f) who can show you how to become a respected and reliable person with self-esteem.

They are trainers who know the laws of goal achievement inside out. This will also lead you to success. Our language can convey the attention, the challenge, encouragement and other attributes you need.

What else? Let us know and start the conversation.