5 Questions To The Future


Digital labs, continuous intelligence, AI – permanent challenges, changes, and new surprises – who is mentally trained for this? The pace is enormous, as soon as you have gotten used to a situation, new changes are already on the horizon.

What are the questions to your own future?

When you ask people about the future, they usually raise global questions. These questions concern global warming, societal change, space travel, education, global wealth balance, etc.

I am interested in how we handle our own future and the common misconception that we cannot plan it. The following questions are relevant:

  1. Which psychological needs exist currently in your life and do you want them to stay like that? Unmet needs prevent you from living your life to the fullest, with all your strengths and potentials. On the one hand, there are needs from childhood such as: attention, care, unconditional love, security, basic trust, and the feeling that the caregivers have time and enjoy spending it with you. On the other hand, there are needs that come later, and define life, and from which professional activity arises: the desire to learn, curiosity, the feeling of being carefree, and serenity. Last but not least, there are also needs from adolescence: maturing, developing, being able to distance oneself from others, dedicating oneself to something, developing identity, and one of the most important: getting recognition. In the Emotions Test you can find out what you need for this.
  2. What can you change about your psychological needs, and how can you satisfy them in a way that you will not be distracted any longer?
  3. What would your future look like if all your needs were sustained appropriately? What actions are you taking to satisfy those needs subsequently? What plan are you basing this on? This can be, for example, the app NIKU Inception or the workbooks “Reframing Childhood” and “Reframing Adolescence”. You can find the scientific basis in “Mental Neuroimplants – Reframing of Needs”, Markowitsch, Schreier, Springer Publishing, 2019.
  4. What potentials and strengths are released once the soul is satiated, no longer feels pain, and cravings no longer torment you?
  5. Suppose all the wounds of your past have been healed. What would change for you today, what would you still want to learn, what would you still want to achieve? In which committees would you want to speak, which conferences would you want to attend and what else would you want to do? You are maybe already realizing, or you might have the feeling that ideas are already emerging in you. The first idea for a strategy of your future may already be coming to your mind? One thing is certain, if you can change your past, you can change your future.

Just a Little Test

What was the inner journey like for you during these 5 questions? You may have plunged into the depths of your past that are precious to you. These are the depths of your feelings, familiar atmosphere, and scenarios. You feel comfortable in them.

But is this your future?

For a moment, just imagine you can effortlessly absorb 10 times more information than you can today. That you can grab what you think with your hands. Or that you can speak languages that you can’t even read today. And your friends and people you love are going along with it and are already in the middle of it. At the same time, they are miles away from you.

What are you going to do? Will you chase your needs and waste your potentials, or will you come along? You can use NIKU and SELF-TRAINING to prepare yourself to be fully in the future. I wish you luck and success.

And What About Fate?
What About When Fate Strikes?

Don’t worry. It always hurts. But it’s not about fate, it’s about how you’re prepared for overcoming stormy weather. No one is saying, that it will be easy. But if you are emotionally prepared, you can do more out of your life than you can do from your position today.